Setting Details

Note to players: This page will harbor all the setting details (history, geography, etc) and major events (wars, coups, etc). It is sparse now, but will be updated as the game progresses. If you learn something in game and I do not add it here, feel free to update the page appropriately.

The current year is 872 AG. Refer to the map tab for a detailed map of Greyhawk. Note that the Duchy of Urnst, Bright Desert, and Wild Coast are now one land called Gallancz. This domain stretches from Dyvers, south to Highport, and as far east as the Nesser River. The region labeled Iuz is now called The Forsaken. The map is otherwise functionally identical.

Major Campaign Historical Details

  • 5094 SD (-492 CY) – The Suel and Baklunish empires are destroyed by the Invoked Devastation and Rain of Colorless Fire
  • 597 CY (-5 AG) – Iuz leads an army into the Free City of Greyhawk. Castle Greyhawk is razed.
  • 602 (0 AG) – Mordenkainen and Iuz are slain. Lord Robilar declares Greyhawk under martial law.

EL – The Epoch of Legend, a time when humans first began to record history
SD – The Seuloise Dominion, a reign lasting five millenia
CY – The Common Years, signified by the creation of the Kingdom of Aerdy
AG – The Years After Greyhawk, since the fall of the center of the Flanaess to Robilar’s tyranny.

Setting Details

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