Corrupted Vessels

Scene One's Log
Our hero's awaken in a strange setting and begin their quest.

Sela and Faralas wake up in a clearing with seven dirt mounds. The sight of a shirtless man digging a hole with a shovel and an elderly gnome regarding them curiously, greets them. A body lays not too far off.

The man digging is introduced by Korton, the gnome, as Ryk. It quickly becomes evident that Ryk does not speak and is digging a grave for the body.

Both Sela and Faralas demand answers of Korton, as they have no memory of coming to this place. Korton first asks them to tell of where they come from and who they are, before explaining their predicament. Both women reveal small nuggets about themselves. During this exchange, Sela hears the word Faure in relation to the ring of daisies in the center of the clearing and remembers it is a Sylvan word for "gate, or “doorway”. She also learns that she is not far from her hometown of Gradsul, in the Dreadwood of Yggsburgh on Oerth.

Korton explains that something odd occurred the night before. When he went to investigate he found six people lying on the dirt mounds in the Faure, and Ryk digging. One dirt mound was occupied by the body and the other two’s occupants greeted him with distrust before leaving and going their separate ways. He gives both women packs full of supplies and tells them to head South. He then disappears.

They decide to finish digging the grave before leaving, meaning they will have to spend the night in the woods. Faralas scouts for a good place to camp, and feels someone watching her whenever she shifts from her elven form to her wolf form. Before she leaves they decide on some signals:

  • Long howl-All is clear.Come.
  • Two long howls- Help danger, come quickly.
  • Three long howls-proceed with caution.
  • One short yip- North.
  • Two short yips-east.
  • Three short yips-south.
  • Four short yips- west.
  • Very long wavering howl- RUN!

When they are ready to set off, the clearing fills with dozens of butterflies that bring a feeling of sorrow with them. The feeling disappears as the butterflies fall and die. They glow a hot pink on the ground before transforming into a fresh layer of grass in the center of the Faure.


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